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Roxton A. Colchester III


Roxton is an adventurer, and he wanted to explore as much of Neopia as he could. He joined the group led by Professor Hugo Fairweather on their search for an island described in a journal. On the island they faced gigantic Petpetpets, but they managed to escape, heading home.

Some time later he was approached by the Wise Gnorbu from the Shenkuu Lunar Temple with the task of saving Neopia. Roxton agreed, and set off on another adventure, eventually discovering Moltara.

At some point in the future, his flying ship will crash in the Lost Desert during the Claymaker's curse. After repairing it, he will rescue Aurrick and Lyra.


If there's an inch of Neopia I haven't explored, then I want to be there
I live for opportunities like this.
Cheer up, old chap! Where's your sense of adventure?
Strap up your boots kids let's get shootin'...parachuting that is! I think we can cascade this cavern pretty easily with the right speed, velocity and timing...what do you think? Eh, no time let's just jump into it shall we?
Come now old chap, how about some healthy competition? First one to Moltara City wins! Just keep an eye out for cave-dwelling Petpets...

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Roxton is also a member of the Seekers. Despite renting the flying ship he used to find Moltara, he apparently still has use of it.

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