The Book of Ages

King Roo


Ruler of Roo Island, King Roo spent his early days being bored out of his mind. One day, however, a mysterious person came to his court and introduced him to the now amazingly popular game of Dice-a-Roo! He owns Dice-A-Roo Industries PLC, and is always on the lookout for new fun games to sell to the world.


No, no no. This is not what I want. Get them out of here!
As much as I love dice these jelly dice that keep landing on my island are getting rather annoying. I don't suppose you can go out and help get rid of some? I've been at it all morning, and I'm a sticky mess. I'll reward you with something to remind you of your efforts should you do an impeccable job.
Some applicants for the position of Roo Island treasurer are complaining the test is too hard. I don't think it is... I managed quite a good score myself. Why don't all of you give it a try? If you exceed my score, please come and apply!
You've got to help us! We're under attack from the gummy dice again. Quick, go stack them over there, and start squishing! If there's anything left of my kingdom by the time you finish, I'll reward you!
Zenco the Magnificent challenged me to a game of Dueling Decks. However, I am much too busy to play a game that does not involve the rolling of dice -- dice! How I love them! Everyone should play Dice-A-Roo ALL the time! -- ahem. So I am delegating this chore to you. Defeat Zenco for the honour of my beloved Roo Island.
Oh, games are the best! *bounces* I can't imagine why I would spend time doing anything else. Though this game is actually for my new treasurer, I'll let you in on a secret... *whispers* I'm really quite good at it myself!
Hmm, no one has really measured up to my expectations for Roo Island treasurer so far. Why don't you give the test a try, you may be the first to top my score!
Come on, everyone! I know if we all work together we can squash these Gummies!
Would you prefer I look the other way during your test? Just in case that is too much pressure for you...
I've had a great many applicants, but none have qualified. Do you think you can pass my test?

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