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Captain Jethro Rourke


Rourke is the captain of the SS Primella, which sailed to the Lost Isle, carrying Professor Fairweather's expedition team with it. He escaped from the island with the others after repairing his damaged ship with Scrap's help. There are many rumors about his early career, including him being marooned by a pirate, fighting Dr. Sloth, and fighting a Walein bigger than his ship.


If I'm Rourke, what makes you think I'd want that ol' curse on my head?
You're not exactly filling me with confidence here, Professor.
Personally, I want to live to sail again, and I'm doing that with or without you.
Why, you little twerp!
I don't know if it's the life you want, kid, but you're pretty handy to have around the ship.
Scrap's a bit of a twerp, but he doesn't deserve to be caught by pirates. Give him a hand on the docks, will you? You don't need to mention that I sent you, though.

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