The Book of Ages

Bonk & Bink


These Gabars live in a giant snowball atop Blizzard Mountain in the Petpet Park. Bonk is the older of the two, being Bink's grandfather, and claims to be older than the mountain itself, at over 1523 years - however, the truth of their claims has been called into question, as they have been known to claim park residents have turned into marshmallows in the past.


Blizzard Mountain is one thousand, five hundred and twenty-three years old. Almost as old as I am!
Before the mountain was formed, it used to be a mound of jellybeans.
No one knows this, but the trees here are really just tall grass stalks.
Ice and snow that forms on Blizzard Mountain is impossible to melt.

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Bonk and Bink are named as Gaboons in the park. This refers to the Petpet's image url, and are actually known as Gabars in Neopia.

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