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Heermeedjet and his brother Meerouladen, also known as the Meerca Brothers, were known for their ties with Malkus Vile and the theft of the crown of King Coltzan. Heermeedjet always wears goggles (and sometimes a red hat).


U smell and u have a spotty bum
Shall we start?
You might get better, but I wouldn't count on it!
You're going to PAY for that!!!! / Umm... ya... you're gonna pay!
Let them have it brother!!! / MUHAHAHA!!!
MAN... / WHOA...
Hehe, they have glue on their feet! / You got them good brother!
You little thief! / Did you try to steal one of our weapons?!?!?
Heh, now they don't only have sticky fingers! / You got that right!
Be careful of your health... / Else soon it will be our wealth!
Really... such a shame!
You beat us! We will get you next time...
My brother and I are the cleverest thieves in Neopia! No petty pilferer can come close to our artful acquisition of antiquities... Heh. Stand back and watch masters at work.
Ohhh shiny, we love shiny...hurry grab the statues and let's go!

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Heermeedjet and his brother Meerouladen are the eighth opponent in the Defenders of Neopia Series 1.

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