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This Elephante is the host at the gala event of the year, the Neopies Award Ceremony! He announces the winners voted the best on the entire planet, and has good taste in suits. He's fond of Juppieswirl Bonbons, and it's rumoured he'll accept them as bribes for backstage passes.


It's quite an honour. I really find it amazing the passion Neopians have for their favourites in each category. I overheard quite a few heated discussions about it while playing bowls with the Gourmet Club this past weekend. Of course, as the host, I have to remain neutral towards all the nominations.
I-- don't know what you're talking about. I'm needed for preparation for tonight's show. Good day. *Leaves*
Hey, this is serious business! Tomfoolery with the ballot results in, well, okay, there are no consequences. Make sure this is your final decision.
It's like you just shared your opinion with all of Neopia! Oh, wait. You did. Nice.

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Ellsworth is a member of the Gourmet Club.

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