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Samuel, aka Agent #1,124, is part of the Petpet Protection League; his role is to do the real action in the organization, best known for saving the petpets kidnapped to work in Gargrall's ruby mine. He has a true dedication to his job, having worked long and hard to get where he now is, protecting the common good of abused petpets.


I'm here! Hold on!
Uh, a little help here? I can't quite see very well with this Uniocto wrapped around my face. We need to get these Petpets out fast! Are you with me?
Casandia asked me to help out with rescuing Petpets from this mine. Um, lady... I've been rescuing them from here long before you were ever around to drop them in the ocean. Anyway, I've got work to do. Stay back unless you can pitch in.
I think I can reasonably save all of these petpets from these horrible conditions...think you can give me a hand?
Gargrall is up to no good again! Would you be willing to lend a hand? Normally I would handle this myself but it's difficult to see anything with this Uniocto clinging to my face!

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