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LornaDesparow was formerly a member of the Neopets team. She took part in several Staff Tournaments, and worked in marketing.


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I'm 100% committed to staying strong in 12th place!
Last year LornaDesparow was instrumental in securing goals, and sponsorships, for reigning champs Krawk Island. This year she hopes to bring her prowess and quick thinking to Tyrannia as she plans to help steer her newly beloved team to victory!
Get ready to be ROLLED over by one dynamic duo!
Frenemies and winners we may never be, but truly cutting we shall always be.

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Site Participation

Daily Dare Tournament
Finished 14th overall

Altador Cup Staff Tournament (2010)
Played for the Tyrannia Team

Daily Dare Team Tournament
Teamed up with DJ Skellington in a team named The SarcastiCons. Lost to Frenemies.

Altador Cup Staff Tournament (2012)
Played for the Tyrannia team as a forward.

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