The Book of Ages

Queen Fyora


One of the most powerful faeries of them all, Queen Fyora has been the leader of Faerieland for thousands of years, and is also known as the Lady of the Western Skies. She also acts as a guardian to all of Neopia, even imprisoning the Darkest Faerie in the form of a statue nearly 1,000 years ago.

Fyora is the founder of the Faerie Festival, which is held on the 20th day of the month of Gathering every year.

Currently, she runs the Hidden Tower shop in her palace. There Fyora sells one-of-a-kind magical items at extravagant prices.

In the Darkest Faerie game, she was captured by the Darkest Faerie. Only with the help of Tor and Roberta did she eventually defeat her nemesis.


It's not purple. It's pink.
Faerieland's reconstruction is complete, but I find we need your help again. You may know that faeries are the source of Neopia's protection from wraiths. Quests you complete for us provide the mystical bond between Neopets and faeries needed to maintain the barrier spell that holds back wraiths. And that barrier spell is weakening. There's a chance that wraiths will come pouring into Neopia again and swamp the world in darkness. You can help stop this from happening by completing our quests. To aid us, I've asked the Soup Faerie and Baelia the grey faerie to provide quests as well. Keep this between us; I don't want to create a panic. But I trust you to understand the underlying reasons for this new need.
Hello there. Thank you for turning up today. You may find it funny that the powerful faeries are constantly calling upon Neopets to fetch things for them.. Well, I've got a confession to make. You probably know that faerie quests are needed to provide the mystical bond between faeries and Neopets that keeps the wraiths from attacking Neopia. There's more to it. Ever since Faerieland and the faeries were attacked, our magic hasn't been as powerful as it was before. Keeping the barrier spell working takes considerable strength, and we have found the spell weakening on more than one occasion. What we really need is reinforcements, and I'm turning to the citizens of Neopia for help. If you can go on frequent quests for the faeries, that will help fortify the magical bond and strengthen the barrier spell. And if enough of you pitch in, my faeries can let their guard down and try to get some much-needed rest. A short break can go a long way in strengthening our magical abilities. Truth be told, I'm still not sure I should've told you any of this, but I think it's only fair that you know what a big service you're doing to Neopia as you go on these quests.
It's so nice of you to drop by to help. As you can see, my sisters and I are offering daily quests for the next few days and we need all the help we can get from any Neopet willing to assist. I'm sure you remember the fateful day our beloved homeland came crashing down from the clouds. I really miss my old home, but this is our home now and we must protect it. Only the mystical bond between the Faeries and Neopets can keep the wraith from attacking Neopia. I wonder why as well, but there really is no time to go into all of that. There's something in the air, I cannot explain it, but something feels wrong and we must act now before it's too late. You just need to visit us everyday and one of us will have a quest ready for you. It'll help strenghthen the barrier spell, making our work easier and earning us some rest at the end of the day. Oh, and one more thing! Your discretion is as important as your assistance. The last thing we want is to stir up panic right now.
It's so good to see you drop by to lend a helping hand. It has been a difficult time for us lately which makes your presence here today all the more important. Don't worry, though; none of us are in any kind of imminent danger. It's just that my sisters and I have been busy attending to numerous problems that resulted from the recent attacks and I am concerned that the barrier spell could have been affected by the inattention. When you go on frequent quests for us faeries, it helps to augment the magical bond we have and keeps the barrier spell functioning at its optimal level, which provides us all much-needed assurance after what we have gone through recently. No less important, when you turn up in large numbers to assist us, it serves as a reminder to all our enemies that we stand united. All you have to do is come here every day and participate. We will be ready each day with a new quest. Can I count on you to make it happen? One more thing! As you are probably aware, a new faerie has recently joined us in Faerieland. Kaia is still recovering from her ordeal right now, but she will be giving out quests in the future, so don't hesitate to help out if she comes to you with a request.
That should do for now, thank you so much for pitching in! With all of you completing the various quests, the barrier spell seems strong enough to keep the wraiths away. Keep a keen eye out, though. You never know when you will be called upon for help again.
Hello, there! It's kind of you to drop by. My sisters and I are offering you daily quests for the next few days. Please do chip in with assistance. We need all the help we can get! I am assuming you already know that we need you to carry out these faerie quests to keep the barrier spell running strong. Our magic alone isn't strong enough to keep the wraiths at bay. Right now, I can sense that the spell is functioning much below the desired level and we need all of you to jump right in for the cause. You just need to visit us everyday and one of us will have a quest ready for you. It will help strengthen the spell, make our work easier and earn us some rest at the end of the day. Are you ready?
My friend. I have unsettling news. A Krawk salesman named Mister Krawley set up shop outside Faerieland. He offered his wares and gifts. It all seemed harmless enough but my sisters and I have discovered there's more to his merchandise than meets the eye. Each item seems to prey on our weaknesses and we cannot rid ourselves of their cursed magic without your help. Return each day and I'm sure you'll find one of us caught in Mister Krawley's web of cruel magic. Will you help us, Neopian?
My sisters have fallen victim to a terrible potion. I believe it was called "Faerie Joy". It appears to send them into a deep sadness. I fear the effects might be permanent if we don't do something. I need (ITEM) for the spell to free them.
I cannot stand idly by while my sisters are in this state. Did you find it?
You got here just in time. I'll just need the (ITEM) for the spell.
Oh what a relief. They look like they're on the mend.
Apparently this book that I was sold: "The Spell Book Organizer", is not quite the interesting read I was hoping for. Right now it's eating all of my spell-books. You couldn't help me appease its hunger by finding me (ITEM), could you?
Please, hurry. That cursed book is eating my spells alphabetically and it's already reached "C". No! Not "Charming Chia Charms"!
Bad cursed book! Shoo! Shoo! Could you give me the (ITEM)?
There we are! Thank goodness. Although that cursed book left quite a mess. I guess I'll be returning the pages to the book covers for the next few weeks. Still, there's something fun about re-reading spell books. I forgot all about this one.
Yes, I know. Apparently, that Staff Cleaner Spray I bought doesn't have the best odour. Could you bring me (ITEM)? That should cover it.
I could really use your help. The stench is overpowering. It's almost like the Mucus Beast went for a jog around Faerieland.
Oh dear. I smell like a Blorbis who's had an accident. Did you bring the (ITEM)?
Ah. That's better. Now, my puffs of smoke are sweetly scented.
Hello Neopians! I'd like to introduce Luxinia, a Light Faerie who was stranded on a piece of Faerieland that remained floating in the sky while the rest crashed down. With great determination, she has begun to rebuild a new Faerieland around that piece of the past. However, as you can see, we need your help.
Although it may seem unusual, I asked you both to meet me here because I know you two were once quite close -
Enough! Look, I called you two here because I had an... intriguing idea for a different type of Faerie Festival this year. One to help us dissipate some of the smog and muck that has begun choking the skies and seas of our beautiful Neopia since its technological boom.
We talked about this Jhudora. We should foster progress, not deter it. We do, however, have a responsibility to ensure it is carried out thoughtfully and carefully. Just like this festival! Which is why the two of you will be running it this year, as a team.
Nonsense! I know for a fact that, with each of your respective talents, the two of you can put on a fantastic festival for all of Neopia!
Oh, I'm not giving out suggestions today. Only orders. From your Queen.
Which is why I am so confident that you two will do just spectacular together. I mean just look at how excited all of the other faeries are, even Mira agreed to fly all the way back to Neopia to attend! Now that this matter is settled, good luck. *leaves*
Well, I can't thank you two enough. Your efforts have helped root out corruption and start us on a path to restoring balance in Neopia.
I am so proud of you two! Working together seamlessly to clean up Neopia. You'll be pleased to hear we picked up Malkus Vile trying to make a run for it on the outskirts of Neopia Central. And Captain Brynneth is scraping Balthazar off the cobblestones at this very moment.
It narrows it down considerably… But that is a matter for another day. For now, let's celebrate your success, together.
*sigh* Well, at least we made some progress...

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