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Edgar Percival Clarke


This Wocky took one look at boring old Potato Counter and decided he could do much better. He designed a brand new high speed version of the game, and challenged Neopians to play it. Radical!


My totally radical game is on the Better Than You Show?!? That's far out! Are you ready to experience the supreme awesomeness of losing to me?!?
Far out, dude. I was on my way home after purchasing some righteous celery from Edna, when from out of nowhere came this cream pie! Like, flying, dude! It was totally gnarly. But then there were more cream pies, and that was not so radical. It was like someone was aiming for me.
Whoa dude, look at all those potatoes just flyin' around out here. Come on, start counting! You gotta be quicker than that.

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His name was given in a Better Than You contest.

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