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Claire lives on Meri Acres Farm, and likes to play hide and seek. She often plays with Tormund. She was kidnapped by the Juppie Plant Beast when it attacked the farms under the influence of the Darkest Faerie, but was eventually saved.


Wanna Play?
Aw, You found me.
It likes dark places. I think it wanted to be my friend, too!
I'm scared. I'm really scared.
Did you bad things go away or are they just hiding? I hope they're gone...
I don't want the bad things to come back... That would be very scary.
Did you really save all those people like they say?
I think you're brave and I'll try not to be scared.
I think everything's going to be all right. At least as long as you're still around.

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It you manage to find Claire, she'll give you a Neopoint reward!

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