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Located in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain, Kari (otherwise known as the Negg Faerie) is a nice faerie that allows you to trade in your boring, dull neggs for powerful, magical, and special neggs! No one is sure why she does so, but she's certainly not telling! Every year she travels away from the mountain to host the Festival of Neggs.


Just bring me your ordinary, boring Neggs, and I will trade them in for powerful, magical ones!!!
Hmph! Taelia should know better than to make fun of my Neggs. Anyway, this poor little Petpet needs help getting down the mountain. You should help it. Roll it in lots of snow so it's nice and comfy, and if you happen to roll over Taelia on the way down, no complaints from me!
Oh, welcome. Happy Festival of Neggs! You haven't noticed anything strange around here, have you?
I was all set to take the lead this year since Topsi decided to play hide-and-seek and no one's seen him in weeks. I wonder if anyone's actually looking for him? Anyway, more importantly, since he left the stand unattended, someone or something has stolen most of the Neggs before I had a chance to hide them.
The Negg-Gazer has offered to use his foresight to help us find where the neggs have been stashed. Will you help us?
Wow! You sure are a smart little Neopet. I'll get these right back to the Negg Cart. Please, pick whichever Negg you'd like!
Oh how n-n-n-neggtacular! Let's get out of the c-c-c-cold but first take your p-p-p-pick of these Neggs!
Another stash! We're doing great! Take whichever one you like.
Great find but we shouldn't linger. This tree gives me the creeps. Which Negg would you like?
Thank you. We'll be on our way, then. As soon as you choose which Negg you'd like.
Wow! Well done. I'd have never guessed that. Which Negg do you want to keep?
Yes! There are lots of Neggs here. Go ahead and pick your favourite.
Oh there are plenty of Neggs! This'll go a long way. Take whichever Negg you like!
Thanks for diving in after them. I'm not the best swimmer. Ooh! So many. Choose the Negg you'd like to take home.
These Neggs aren't for eating but they'll be great for our festival. Pick a Negg to keep.
Oh thank Fyora we found these ones. They're some of the best! And you can choose the one you like best.
Great catch! Now, let's see. Which Negg would you like to keep?
Yeah! They're all here. You found the last stash! We're going to have the best festival ever thanks to you! Please, take one.
Oh, hey there! Sorry, the festival isn’t ready quite yet. Normally Topsi helps me set up but I haven’t seen him in some time. I’m actually starting to get worried about him... Say, could you do me a favour and check up on him? No one has seen neither hide nor hair of him since last year’s festival, but he must be somewhere in Neopia!
Okay, okay Topsi I can ask. Now remember you must hide the neggs quickly, we are behind schedule this year. And don’t forget about the clues!
Uh sure, maybe she will... Now run along and start hiding those neggs!
Yeesh. Is it just me or is Topsi acting strange? Or at least stranger than usual?
Dr Neggistential! What a pleasure it is to see you again. What brings you here?
Whatever do you mean Doctor?
Oh and I almost forgot, Topsi left me the first clue to give to you. Do you know what this could mean?
Look at that you solved Topsi's first clue! Now, which of these neggs will you pick? Wow that magma pool statue sure was heavy, guess Topsi must be stronger than he looks!
You've already solved today's clue? Nice! Come back tomorrow for another clue.
Looks like Topsi dropped off another clue!
Oooh these neggs all look so delightful. I'm glad I don't have to choose between them!
Oh what a spectacular prize! Brilliant!
I’ve got a new clue for you!
Great find, that was a tricky one! Now please pick out a negg quickly these are freezing!
Hope you are ready for your next clue!
Have you ever actually seen it stop?... Sorry, I zoned out for a moment there. Which negg did you want?
I'm going to need to have a talk with Topsi about these hiding places. Please hurry up and grab a negg so I can wash the rest of these..
PEE-YEW! However did Topsi stand the smell of this place long enough to hide that negg?
I’ve got a new clue for you!
I sure hope no one trampled these neggs! Which one will you choose?
Yay another clue down! So, do any of these neggs catch your eye?
Be careful getting down from there! Now, which of those neggs would you like to keep?
Ohh these are some of my favourite neggs! Which one will you choose?
Wow good eye! I almost missed those. Which of these neggs would you like?
What was Topsi thinking? Terribly sorry about this Ms. Crumpetmonger I will pay for the pie. While I do that you can pick out a negg!
Well that certainly wasn't very safe! Anyways, which of these neggs do you like the best?
Great job you've found another stash! Time to pick out your favourite!
These clues sure are getting odd huh? Well anyways congratulations on finding another stash of neggs! Which Negg will you choose this time?
Congrats on finding the last of the negg stashes. Once you pick out your negg, please hurry back to the campsite. Dr Neggistential insists he has something he must discuss with us right away!
You really believe Topsi has been a robot this whole time? Surely you can’t be serious doctor!
Hmm that certainly would explain why he seems so obsessed with the Space Faerie lately… But why is all of this suddenly happening now?
Wow this is a lot to take in! I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact my little negg-loving Cybunny pal may have been a Sloth robot this entire time. I mean we’ve planned so many festivals together! Well, we’re certainly in a spot of trouble here, but there must be something we can do.
I’ll help! Well, as long as Topsi doesn’t get hurt that is!
Oh no! Will Topsi be all right?
Ahem, Doctor will Topsi be all right?
Thank goodness! And thank you for luring him back here, we certainly couldn’t have pulled this off without your help.
Well now that everything is sorted, I need to change out of this outfit! I would never live it down if another faerie saw me in this getup! And can you imagine how awkward it would be to run into Mira?
Wow, you did it! Not only did you help thwart Sloth's dastardly escape plan, you also managed to solve all of Topsi's clues and find every single one the Negg stashes! As a reward for your diligence, here are some extra special prizes for you.
Oh dear, well I do appreciate the thought! Perhaps you left a door open and a hungry Neopian took the opportunity to fill their belly?
That does sound troubling... But are you sure it's really the work of a ghost?
Nevertheless, I promised Tippens I would hold the Festival of Neggs in Neovia this year. And I am a faerie of my word after all!
I appreciate your concern, but I'm sure everything will be just fine!
Much better! He really wanted to help out this year, but Dr. Neggistential hasn't quite finished debugging him. He says that Dr. Sloth's code is rather complicated, but it shouldn't be much longer before Topsi is back to his old negg-loving self!
Oh! I didn't even see you there. Welcome to this year's Festival! As you can see, we decided to try something a little different! We've set up our campsite in the courtyard of the old Meepit Oaks Sanitorium for the Psychologically Fragile. No need to worry though! The zomutts have all been cleared out and we even did some renovations like adding in those charming stained-glass windows! I couldn't bring myself to remove the overgrown vines though. Even in Neovia it's nice to have a bit of greenery for the festival. Speaking of which, here is your first clue!
Why can't it just go right one year... Oh! You snuck up on me again. Although I suppose that's my fault, I've been so caught up worrying I didn't even notice you standing there. It's nothing too serious mind you! We just had an entire shipment of neggs show up entirely dried out. Now they are just shrivelled husks, completely drained of their special properties! It's like nothing I've ever seen before... The movers must have forgotten to take the proper precautions. I might have to take a trip to the neggery to pick up an extra shipment myself... But enough of my venting, you came here for the next clue. Happy hunting!
Now Tippens, I was happy to hold the festival here after you told me how desperately Neovia needed a tourism boost, but I am starting to think you haven't been completely honest about- Oh there you are! Perfect timing, I was just asking Tippens here to explain this whole ghost situation.
Hmm a Kougra from out of town at the grave danger site you say?
Tell me Tippens, has anything else unusual been spotted at the Grave Danger site. Like perhaps some glowing goo?
I'm not sure about that Tippens. We found that same substance around some of my neggs after they were turned into wizened husks. I collected a sample of it and took the liberty of calling a specialist in to help us identify it. Although I practically had to drag her here...
Don't you worry, you can have your pick at the neggery as promised. Here is that sample, can you tell if it's ectoplasm?
Thank you Tippens I will be sure to keep you informed! So, Sophie, what do you think?
You're sure?
Curiouser and curiouser... I suppose we ought to start where this whole phantom rumour began, the Grave Danger Crypt. Head over whenever you are ready, Sophie and I will meet you there!
Pretty please Sophie? With vanilla negg cream on top? I'll even throw in a Mutant Negg I've been saving...
That might be the nicest thing you've said to me! So, I take it we've got a deal?
Neggcellent! Let's all meet up at Grave Danger then.
Hmm see anything out of the ordinary?
Good eye! Let's follow that glowing slime trail.
What do you mean?
You're right, those footprints have negg scraps embedded in them!
Hmm the trail of glowing goo ends on this side of the crypt. I wonder why that is...
What is that? Looks like some kind of latch hidden in the wall of the crypt?
But only one corner has been forced open, no way a Kougra could fit through there...
I didn't even notice those! They look like... holes?
So, what do you think this all means?
You're saying all this is the work of a petpet?
Hey now! If you've really got this all figured out, then why don't you let us in on your big theory detective Sophie.
A Kougra from out of town... you must be our mysterious vandal!
Everyone relax! Let's hear him out before we scare him off like the townsfolk.
Oh, hush Sophie! Now please continue mister...
Don't worry about her Professor. Please continue.
I can't believe it!
Professor back to your story...
Well, to be fair, they thought you were trying to vandalize their town's crypt. Why didn't you try to explain yourself to them right then and there?
I see. A petpet could certainly slip out of that hatch after you pried open that corner... I believe you professor, however, the townspeople will no doubt require some proof to dispel the haunting rumours floating about.
They are real! But how can something so cute be so destructive
I for one think their waddling is adorable! But I'm still wondering where all that glowing goop come from?
That explains those wizened husks we found! You all sure are lucky you are so cute. Say, now that these critters have broken free from their hidden chamber, we should give them a loving home. Where they can live happy lives and no longer cause the town of Neovia so much grief in their search for neggs!
And I would love a little companion at the neggery, even if it does eat into our stock! Since you helped us uncover this mystery, you should get first pick! Which of these adorable little rascals would you like to adopt?
I'm sure you two will be fast friends!
I'll be sure to play with you in the neggery every day my little negg lover!
Thanks for your help Sophie! Now lets go show our new friends to Tippens and put an end to this ghost story. I'll tell him to meet us back at the Festival of Neggs Campsite!
Perfect everyone is here. Okay Tippens, with the help of my esteemed Negg Hunter here, we were able to solve the Neovian negg enigma!
Neither actually, you see it was all the work of some mischievous petpets!
Now, now Tippens, be sure to hear him out! He has a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this.
And they are quite the adorable little troublemakers, see for yourself!
Even though the Festival never seems to go to plan, it sure was exciting this year. Plus, I even made a new friend who loves neggs just as much as I do. I hope you enjoyed this year's festival too because I never could have solved that mystery without your help!
Great to see another friendly face for this year's Festival of Neggs! In case you two haven't met yet, I'd like to introduce you to Mira. Not only is she the Space Faerie, she's also one of my oldest friends in Neopia!
That she will be keeping to herself! I'm sure you were surprised to see Mira, not to mention wondering why the Festival of Neggs has relocated to the Virtupets Station this year.
Mira! You got that close?
Very funny! Since the Festival of Neggs in Neovia was such a hit last year, I decided to take this show on the road once more and set up shop in the Virtupets Station for this year's Festival of Neggs while I investigated. Although I must admit I was a tad worried about the logistics of shuttling everyone up here -
I suppose I was... moderately worried... But thanks to the efforts of Commander Valka and Mira, we found more than enough ships and helpful pilots to shuttle Neopians back and forth! So, this year's Festival will take place up here in Virtupets under the stars, while Mira and I uncover the mystery of these Unidentified Negg-like Objects-
I like it! And don't worry, while we work to identify these strange neggs from space, the Festival of Neggs will continue as always. Now, before Mira distracts and or embarrasses me again, here is your first clue!
Great job finding these! Which one would you like?
I always love hiding Neggs in Pepet shops! Choose whichever you would like!
Wonderful! With his help, hopefully we should be able to determine what kind of negg it is. And if it poses any danger.
And I can't say they are like any kind of negg I am familiar with.
Please, take your time Doctor. We still have the Festival to keep us plenty occupied!
Don't worry. I used and cleaned the cups before hiding these Neggs. Now, which do you want?
I should've known he would pull a silly joke like that! Good thing these Neggs are still prime for choosing!
Kept nice and safe for you. Choose the one you'd like!
How odd! This is a strange little negg indeed... Well, we appreciate your help all the same!
No need to worry, another curious specialist reached out saying he could help! We can expect him to arrive in just a few days!
Sssh, pick one as softly as you can.
Oh goodness, that cute little guy gave me a scare! Quickly, pick a Negg so we can get out of here!
Our new specialist should be here any moment!
No, she was unavailable... but our next expert is also familiar with the mystic arts! Apparently, he's a mage who's worked closely with King Skarl before.
Well, it's a pleasure to have your assistance Mr. Magon.
You know I thought about hiding these in his mouth...anyways pick a Negg!
You've got to try these; they are delightful! Ooh, but first, pick whichever Negg you'd like.
Mira, do you have a moment? It sounds like Magon has made some progress.
Agreed! Even if these are dangerous spores, we are talking about living creatures here. I think we should sleep on things.
Knowledge can be a dangerous thing if used in the wrong way! Luckily, the Neggs are safe, so you can pick whichever one you want.
After thinking it over last night, I do think a second opinion might be a good idea.
Yes, no harm in exploring other avenues! Besides, we shouldn't be taking drastic measures until we are absolutely certain these are in fact Space Fungus spores. I'll ask around and see if anyone else could help us confirm Magon's suspicions...
Choose a Negg, but leave the pastries. Those are to convince Mira to join me for a picnic after this!
Mira! Major Tippens has recommended someone who he thinks can help determine Magon's theory...
I really think he could be helpful, but I'm worried you may not like his tactics, that's all. But please just promise me you'll give him a chance!
Great! Orion, you can come in now!
Mira, I promise I would not have asked him to come all this way if I thought he would lead us down the wrong path! He's shared with me that he believes Magon's theory is not fully correct, and that there is still a way to safely find the answers we need!
Hmm, yeah, I didn't think this one through. Feel free to reach in and grab whichever one you want...
Wait? Are you saying these aren't neggs at all?
I have to admit I'm a little sad this isn't a great Negg discovery, but if they are alive then we need to help them! Are they okay? Do they need help?
I think that's up to my lovely participant here! They keep coming back for more, so I think they are up for the task!
Fruit probably isn't something one would come by a lot in space, huh? Anyways pick a Negg!
Orion, please tell me that the game you played with my festival goer helped! If not, I don't think Mira would ever let me live it down!
You mean you're starting to believe this may work?!
That's so unfair! Just tell us! Or at least tell me!
These toys are just darling. Perhaps I'll come back and get one. After you choose a Negg, of course.
Are you finally going to explain things to us now Mira?
But if they are alive, we could hurt them!
Okay...but what if Margon is right and these are Giant Space Fungus spores, or worse?
Umm, but what about us if it goes wrong? what conditions are you going to expose them to first?
But isn't there some gravity here on the ship?
Petpets! I call dibs on naming this one! Just look at that adorable face...faces! I shall call you...
Hey no fair. I called dibs! Ugh, but that is the perfect name!
Like if they give great cuddles! Let's hold them!
Hey now I can't risk their safety either!
Well, I suppose they certainly earned it helping us get to the bottom of this mystery! Very well, which of these little space critters would you like to adopt?
Mira, that was totally reckless!
Geez, you are going to be the death of me! So, now what? The festival isn't quite over yet, but we've found the answers you wanted.
Maybe we can all play Kick the Can after you pick a Negg!
I suppose you'll be heading out on another one of your galactic adventures now that this mystery has been sorted?
You mean you didn't like my company?
I'm always happy to help you! Speaking of which! I thought perhaps you should take this Bython with you! I know it must get lonely up in space, and they seem to do well up there so it could keep you company!
You want to keep hanging out?!
Mhm suuure! Sounds to me like you just don't want to be rid of me quite yet!
Before we head out, I wanted to thank you as well! Not only were you an active participant in this year's Festival of Neggs, you were also an instrumental part in the discovery of the Bython! I'm sure Professor J. Kugar will be green with envy once he hears the news, well, greener... Regardless I hope you had a wonderful time and will be joining me again wherever the festival takes us next year!
Where did you find that? I mean, um, weren't we about to leave? We can't leave Illusen waiting now, can we? Bye everyone!
Oh, another is very good to see you. I am sorry if I am not myself. As I'm sure you can see I have been one of the victims of the unknown grey curse, and has affected me more than I would like to admit. Unfortunately, I was struck by this curse before I could get much headway on this year's event... Luckily, I started on the creation of the neggs long before, but as for the hiding of the neggs and clues to find them...let's just say I am sort of winging it this year... an unfortunate choice of words. Anyways, I sincerely apologise if I am unable to muster up my usual colourful self, but I hope you are still able to enjoy this year's festivities for the both of us!
Great job finding these! Which one would you like?
Maybe a treat will help cheer me up...but first which negg do you want?
Sorry, about today. I'll do better tomorrow I promise. In the meantime, which negg do you want?
I...I'm sorry for yesterday. I just can't seem to get myself together. Just give me a moment here, and I'll be ready with a decent clue today. I promise.
Orion? What are you doing here?
Yes, I know that last part. I was there.
No, no. I'm sorry. I don't mean to be so curt. I'm just...well, you know.
Thank you for the offer Orion, but I heard about what happened during the Advent Calendar. Are you sure you are feeling well enough?
Yes! I admit I was in rough shape there for a time, but the intense dreams and visions subsided soon after. I was plagued for a bit once again during the month of Awakening, but neither I nor Queen Fyora could make sense of those visions. And ever since then not even the playing of the Lyre has brought forth a revelation.
...I don't know what to say.
Oh, Mira has been wanting me to read this. Maybe I'll buy it. After you pick a negg, of course.
Of course, Orion hides some here, this is one of his favourite shops! Anyways, which negg do you want?
This is a very popular shop, I'm glad he kept these close by. Which negg would you like?
I wouldn't want him to be sad his first hoard was disrupted. Perhaps I'll also give him the neggs you don't choose.
Oh no, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
It's okay, if there's one thing I know about my festival-goers, it is that they are often happy to help out whenever needed. So, if you feel comfortable doing so maybe you can tell me about your dream.
Oh, yeah? Where was it?
Seems like it. What does that mean though?
Do you want me to come with you?
I'll have to speak with Orion about ensuring your safety after this. But for now, choose a negg!
Did you go to Moltara?
Have you tried playing the Lyre again?
Oh my! Was everyone okay?
So what now?
If you need to focus on this I would understand!
That's a great idea, but only if they feel up to it!
Pie should lift my spirits some. Oh, here, choose a negg!
Sorry if you liked the smiles, you can draw them back on after you pick one if you want.
Look at that! Not even a scratch. Which of the neggs would you like?
I'm sorry Orion, I'm not sure I'm up for talking about me...but I do worry for the rest of Neopia. There have been a few well-known cases, but everyday citizens are starting to be affected at random. So there's no way to figure out how everyone could be connected. I've talked with Naia and nothing seems to be able to help. Not the fountain, paintbrushes...nothing. If something isn't done soon, I don't know what it could mean for Neopia. You might actually be one of our best hopes, Orion.
Those visions of yours had you convinced something terrible was coming to Neopia. Perhaps they were meant to warn us of this grey curse?
I'm sure they did. In some way.
I believed in your abilities back when we first met, and I believe in you now. You'll figure something out!
Like opening a present! Which one do you want?
In shell-ebration for all your hard work, you can now pick a negg!
So do you need them to interact with your cards again?
The Neopies?
That seems a little farfetched...
Well, either way, if your theory on crowds of Neopians triggering your visions is correct, I'm afraid we are running out of time. There are only a few days left until the Festival of Neggs ends.
Which would you like?
There hasn't been any luck with potions helping with the grey, but you never know. For now, focus on choosing a negg!
The event is ending soon...How are things going with your visions?
Wait, Orion what is that in the spikes on her back?
And made of lava.
And this little, big gal must have had it stuck on her while she ran all over. But how did she get it?
Good job! This means we are officially done with the negg search. That means once you pick the negg you want, we can return to Orion to see if he needs any more help.

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Kari is close friends with the Space Faerie, Mira.

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