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Located in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain, Kari (otherwise known as the Negg Faerie) is a nice faerie that allows you to trade in your boring, dull neggs for powerful, magical, and special neggs! No one is sure why she does so, but she's certainly not telling! Every year she travels away from the mountain to host the Festival of Neggs.


Just bring me your ordinary, boring Neggs, and I will trade them in for powerful, magical ones!!!
Hmph! Taelia should know better than to make fun of my Neggs. Anyway, this poor little Petpet needs help getting down the mountain. You should help it. Roll it in lots of snow so it's nice and comfy, and if you happen to roll over Taelia on the way down, no complaints from me!
Oh, welcome. Happy Festival of Neggs! You haven't noticed anything strange around here, have you?
I was all set to take the lead this year since Topsi decided to play hide-and-seek and no one's seen him in weeks. I wonder if anyone's actually looking for him? Anyway, more importantly, since he left the stand unattended, someone or something has stolen most of the Neggs before I had a chance to hide them.
The Negg-Gazer has offered to use his foresight to help us find where the neggs have been stashed. Will you help us?
Wow! You sure are a smart little Neopet. I'll get these right back to the Negg Cart. Please, pick whichever Negg you'd like!
Oh how n-n-n-neggtacular! Let's get out of the c-c-c-cold but first take your p-p-p-pick of these Neggs!
Another stash! We're doing great! Take whichever one you like.
Great find but we shouldn't linger. This tree gives me the creeps. Which Negg would you like?
Thank you. We'll be on our way, then. As soon as you choose which Negg you'd like.
Wow! Well done. I'd have never guessed that. Which Negg do you want to keep?
Yes! There are lots of Neggs here. Go ahead and pick your favourite.
Oh there are plenty of Neggs! This'll go a long way. Take whichever Negg you like!
Thanks for diving in after them. I'm not the best swimmer. Ooh! So many. Choose the Negg you'd like to take home.
These Neggs aren't for eating but they'll be great for our festival. Pick a Negg to keep.
Oh thank Fyora we found these ones. They're some of the best! And you can choose the one you like best.
Great catch! Now, let's see. Which Negg would you like to keep?
Yeah! They're all here. You found the last stash! We're going to have the best festival ever thanks to you! Please, take one.
Oh, hey there! Sorry, the festival isn’t ready quite yet. Normally Topsi helps me set up but I haven’t seen him in some time. I’m actually starting to get worried about him... Say, could you do me a favour and check up on him? No one has seen neither hide nor hair of him since last year’s festival, but he must be somewhere in Neopia!
Okay, okay Topsi I can ask. Now remember you must hide the neggs quickly, we are behind schedule this year. And don’t forget about the clues!
Uh sure, maybe she will... Now run along and start hiding those neggs!
Yeesh. Is it just me or is Topsi acting strange? Or at least stranger than usual?
Dr Neggistential! What a pleasure it is to see you again. What brings you here?
Whatever do you mean Doctor?
Oh and I almost forgot, Topsi left me the first clue to give to you. Do you know what this could mean?
Look at that you solved Topsi's first clue! Now, which of these neggs will you pick? Wow that magma pool statue sure was heavy, guess Topsi must be stronger than he looks!
You've already solved today's clue? Nice! Come back tomorrow for another clue.
Looks like Topsi dropped off another clue!
Oooh these neggs all look so delightful. I'm glad I don't have to choose between them!
Oh what a spectacular prize! Brilliant!
I’ve got a new clue for you!
Great find, that was a tricky one! Now please pick out a negg quickly these are freezing!
Hope you are ready for your next clue!
Have you ever actually seen it stop?... Sorry, I zoned out for a moment there. Which negg did you want?
I'm going to need to have a talk with Topsi about these hiding places. Please hurry up and grab a negg so I can wash the rest of these..
PEE-YEW! However did Topsi stand the smell of this place long enough to hide that negg?
I’ve got a new clue for you!
I sure hope no one trampled these neggs! Which one will you choose?
Yay another clue down! So, do any of these neggs catch your eye?
Be careful getting down from there! Now, which of those neggs would you like to keep?
Ohh these are some of my favourite neggs! Which one will you choose?
Wow good eye! I almost missed those. Which of these neggs would you like?
What was Topsi thinking? Terribly sorry about this Ms. Crumpetmonger I will pay for the pie. While I do that you can pick out a negg!
Well that certainly wasn't very safe! Anyways, which of these neggs do you like the best?
Great job you've found another stash! Time to pick out your favourite!
These clues sure are getting odd huh? Well anyways congratulations on finding another stash of neggs! Which Negg will you choose this time?
Congrats on finding the last of the negg stashes. Once you pick out your negg, please hurry back to the campsite. Dr Neggistential insists he has something he must discuss with us right away!
You really believe Topsi has been a robot this whole time? Surely you can’t be serious doctor!
Hmm that certainly would explain why he seems so obsessed with the Space Faerie lately… But why is all of this suddenly happening now?
Wow this is a lot to take in! I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact my little negg-loving Cybunny pal may have been a Sloth robot this entire time. I mean we’ve planned so many festivals together! Well, we’re certainly in a spot of trouble here, but there must be something we can do.
I’ll help! Well, as long as Topsi doesn’t get hurt that is!
Oh no! Will Topsi be all right?
Ahem, Doctor will Topsi be all right?
Thank goodness! And thank you for luring him back here, we certainly couldn’t have pulled this off without your help.
Well now that everything is sorted, I need to change out of this outfit! I would never live it down if another faerie saw me in this getup! And can you imagine how awkward it would be to run into Mira?
Wow, you did it! Not only did you help thwart Sloth's dastardly escape plan, you also managed to solve all of Topsi's clues and find every single one the Negg stashes! As a reward for your diligence, here are some extra special prizes for you.

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