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Lucie is featured in the game Usuki Frenzy as a rambunctious Cybunny who loves her collection of Usuki dolls. She also is in charge of the Plushie Palace shop in Neopia Central that sells everything plushie.


Everyone knows the best toys are in plushie form!
I'm sure you all know how much I love collecting, so it's a real treat that I got invited to the factory to help make plushies! It's kinda crazy here though. Could you give me a hand please? Stick around and make yourself really useful and I'll give you a special prize!
Thank goodness you're here. It's almost time for the Usuki Doll Convention and I'm not ready to go!!! My parents want to leave right now, but I know I'm going to want my favourite Usuki sets to play with while we wait in line. Please hurry and collect them for me!
I am, like, the champion of Usuki collecting. I'm so good at collecting Usukis that grown Skeiths run in terror when they see me coming. Or they could be just running home to copy my cute style. Hmm, maybe that's it. Anyway, don't even, like, think about challenging my score.
Um, these are MY toys. Who said you could play with them? I'm totally going to grab all the best ones before you, so there!
Oh please! You have to help me! How am I supposed to go anywhere without my Usukis?! Especially with the Convention so close… You can find all of them, can't you?

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