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Aldric Beign


Aldric is the Captain of the Moltara Yooyuball squad. He plays as a forward, and whilst he is skilled at scoring, he lacks vital passing skills.


I always remind my teammates not to get too hung up on ranking, whether current, previous or future. We’ve come a long way in the past few years, and it was all thanks to the hard work we put in. As long as we continue to work the same way, we can be sure to continue progressing, and then it’s only a matter of time before we reach the top.
We joined a lot later than the other teams for the tournament and we've come a long way from where we used to be. I have great faith in my team mates and I see the effort they put in each day during practice. Time will decide what happens next, but our efforts will never go in vain.
We have put the dismal performances of the past behind us. We have worked very hard on strategizing and actual practice. We are confident about surprising everyone with our performance this year.

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Aldric participated as a member of the Moltara Yooyuball team from 2010 to 2022.

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