The Book of Ages

Farmer Tessa


Farmer Tessa owns one of the Meri Acres farms. She is the mother of Luke, a friend of Tor, and can often be found sitting on her porch. Lately, monsters have begun to plague her fields. During the Darkest Faerie's curse, she was abducted by the Juppie Plant Beast before eventually being rescued.


Tor! Could I get some help?
It's these new weeds in the back field -- they're quite dangerous! Could you give them a good threshing for me?
Your mother raised a fine boy!
Tor, I heard about your sister. Have you found her yet?
If there's anything we can do to help...
How brave you are!
And to think, you started with my little weeds!
Good for you, saving your sister like that!
I hope Luke will be safe going to market.
I worry about the problems on the road.
Do you think the bandits are that big a problem?
Have you heard about Cogham? I hear the bandits went there.
There have been some raids on Cogham. I hope they don't happen here!
I can't believe it -- one of our own, a knight!
I always knew you'd do something great.
The last thing I remember is a tentacle coming out of the ground... I think I want to go home now.
We're safe... But for how long.
Things seem to be hopeful.

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