The Book of Ages

Bridge Builder Brendel


Brendel's job is to fix the many bridges in Meridell, though he is originally from the village of Bogshot. He is often seen doing repairs after storms when bridges get damaged. He sources the stone for the repairs from the ruins in the Bogshot swamps.


Hey there, buddy! Didn't you notice that the bridge was out!? Well, I'm glad you made it anyway! Name's Brendel, from Bogshot. It's a swampy little place, but it's home. I'm the kingdom's bridge repair guy. When a bridge is out, they send for me. With that freakish storm and all the floods, I've got lots of work ahead of me! So, nice to meet you but it's back to work!
With that crazy storm we had, lots of bridges are out! Lightwater Bridge, the Bridge to Illusen's Glade, and even the Bridge to Brightvale! It's a pain, believe me, but I'll get to all of 'em!
Well, at least with all the work I've got job security!
Whew! That storm knocked out a lot of bridges! I should have this one fixed up in no time.
I'll get it done! I'm the best bridgebuilder Bogshot has ever birthed...
I just need a breather for a moment.
There now! The bridge is as good as new! Now its off to fix the bridge to Illusen's Glade! A builder's work is never done!
I'll be glad to get away from all those Mortogs. It sounds like a croaking chorus up the north bank there!
I'm glad nothing ever came out of that cave to the south. I was a little worried about who might come creeping out...
Don't bother asking -- I'm too sick to work. The whole world come be falling apart and I can't do anything about it. If you could help the Bogshot Apothecary, Fautt find a cure for what's making everyone here so sick, then I could get back to work and repair the Brightvale Bridge.
Can't believe I can't get to work. I've got bridges to fix all over the place.
Bleh. It'd all go to ruin without me. The whole thing crumbling...
Ahhhh! I feel so much better! Ah! The Brightvale Bridge is still out! I've got to get on it right away.
Hey, good job on that snake thing. I got to go, though -- repairs on the Brightvale Bridge...
You need something? Talk to me after I catch up on the repairs.
Sorry, can't talk now; I've got to get the tools together to repair Brightvale Bridge...
Feels good to be healthy!
It's the clean, swamp air. Helps your health every time!
You know, people wonder how I make so many brings in such little time. It's easy! I use stones from the swamp ruins!

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