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Gargarox Isafuhlarg


Gargarox Isafuhlarg is the head chef of Grundo's Cafe, situated at the center of the Virtupets Space Station. But when he isn't busy restocking his shop, he loves to play Gormball. He placed second in the Annual Gormball Championship in Year 4, and third in Years 3 and 6. He also supplies catering for the Championship. He eventually won in Year 11.


Oops, maybe I should have used a little more Brangerplex
Hmmm.... a dash of scabergy, splatter of Sporkle Juice and voila! You have erm... Brown! Oh dear, no one will ever eat this and I have to open the shop in 30 minutes!
They're all volunteer Petpets, I swear! -- Oh, you're not from the PPL? *cough* Well, if you'd take over feeding Florg, I'd appreciate it. I have a cafe to run. Why the Space Station staff expects me to have time for Florg-care is beyond me.
Oh, hey, watch out! *SMASH* Yeowch, that's going to dent the floor. Do you mind not interrupting me when I'm in the zone? I'm kind of the master of Zurroball, in case you haven't noticed. It's great practice for Gormball, and way closer than some Mount Usalin, or whatever.
Being a successful head chef AND a champion Gormball player take up a lot of my time, but everyone needs a hobby. How hard could this little game be?

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Gargarox has a level 32 Ultra Mega Bot 2000 named Comet.

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