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Along with his wife Carassa, Mika is the owner of an igloo garage sale held on Terror Mountain. In their igloo's attic is a limitless amount of untold treasure, and from it comes their endless garage sale of some of the best and worst items there are.


I got hit by three pianos today so I'm feeling a bit out of it. Any help is appreciated, but if you can match our best score we'll give you this great gift!
Did you know I wanted to be a florist? That's why I suggested to Carassa that we move in the first place. Let's go somewhere temperate, I said, somewhere with lots of beautiful flowers. If I'd known we had that much junk squirrelled away in our attic, I would have stopped buying so much stuff. Will I ever get to see Neopia Central?
I just need a few things to round out our stock at the Igloo. I'm sure the Snowager won't mind if I lighten his load a little. After all, it must be very stressful trying to keep track of so many things. Poor fellow!
Trick? Never! It's Treat Time! Oh boy! I love handing out Halloween treats. I hope we get to do it every year! I told Carassa last year that we had plenty of candy for this, but no, she had to go explore some catacombs. I'd rather hand out candy.
Brr... it's freezing! Carassa and I have been planning to move to a more tropical place for a while now. But all this junk - I mean, stuff - in our attic... We see you're a trick or treater. Why don't you take this goodie bag with some stuff from our attic? It'll help us shift out faster. Spread the word too!
We hear Neopia Central is really beautiful this time of year. This is the perfect time to finally move out! All we have to do is sell a few things here and there and we'll be on our way!! How much stuff could there really be in this attic anyways?

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Their eventual destination is intended to be Neopia Central, where Mika wants to become a florist. It has been implied in a Better Than You that Mika is actually the thief featured in Wrath of the Snowager.

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