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March 30, 2005

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Isca and her sister, Caylis, were both survivors of the destruction of Old Maraqua and were quickly taken under the care of King Kelpbeard as he searched for lost Maraquans. Growing up, Isca began to dream strange prophecies that always came true. While her sister, Caylis, was thrown out because of her prophecies, Isca was revered. Soon, she used her power to help King Kelpbeard earning his trust and respect.

One day her dreams foretold of a large pirate invasion upon the New Maraqua that could only be stopped with the aid of a few other land-dwelling pirates. Together, Isca and Garin were able to stop the attacks of Captain Scarblade's crew and Maraqua opened its gates to the lands of Neopia once more.


That Garin, he's just... incorrigible!
You cannot go back to your life as a pirate. My dreams have never been more clear. There is nothing but death ahead of you on the seas.
Aw, those poor petpets are just tring to make it home! Can you help them? I hate to think of them stuck out there all alone.

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In Legends and Letters, Isca claimed that she foresees events that cannot be stopped along with those that can. It is unclear how this is the case when all other sources suggest she foresees exclusively preventable disasters.

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