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Brynneth (often shortened to Brynn) is a soldier from Brightvale, who was sent to Faerieland by King Hagan to investigate why the Faeries had turned to stone. She has caught and imprisoned Hanso the thief many times before, starting on her first day. Over the years, trusting Hanso has put her in danger of losing her job. After defeating Xandra, she was given the additional title of Captain of the Guard in Faerieland. Fyora gave her the job of hunting down dangerous Faerie artefacts with Hanso.


Your choice is a noble one. But I must remind you, you can't switch sides once you join. Are you sure about your decision?

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Brynn appears to now hold the title of Captain in two nation's armies, although she only now actively serves in the Faerieland army. During planning of the plot, her working name was Lara.

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