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Hanso is a young thief who has caused trouble in many lands, including Brightvale. When the Faeries turned to stone, he tried to cash in on the situation. He was at one point a member of the Thieves Guild, but isn't any more. This may have something to do with theft from Kanrik, the current head of the Guild. After defeating Xandra, he was given the title of Master Thief by Fyora, and was tasked with hunting down dangerous Faerie artefacts with Brynn.


Some Quiggle was here a minute ago, muttering something about Purple Keys, but I'm sure Queen Fyora would be happier if I went in and looked around. I mean, some things should be left for real heroes. Help me out and you can have this classy bath tub I found lying around.
I knew you couldn't resist being on the winni. . . uhrm, better team. We don't take kindly to deserters, though - are you sure about your choice?

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It appears that Hanso may have been behind the theft of the Scroll Repository furniture during the Lost Desert plot. He is allergic to Angelpi.

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