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These shadow creatures appeared soon after the Faeries were turned to stone, and began attacking those who were trying to reverse the spell. They seemed to have a draining effect on the surrounding areas, and fear seemed to make them stronger. The Faeries hold them back using a barrier spell powered from Faerie Quests. Several versions of the shadows appeared:

  • Shadow Wraith Minions (pictured)
  • Shadow Wraith Brutes
  • Shadow Wraith Furies
  • Shadow Spectre Minions
  • Shadow Spectre Destroyer
  • Shadow Spectre Brutes
  • Shadow Spectre Conquerors
  • Shadow Spectre Furies
  • Shadow Spectre Zealot
  • Shadow Phantom Minion
  • Shadow Phantom Destroyer
  • Shadow Phantom Commander
  • Shadow Phantom Brute
  • Shadow Phantom Conqueror
  • Shadow Phantom Annihilator
  • Shadow Phantom Fury
  • Shadow Phantom Zealot
  • Shadow Phantom Tormentor

Brutes Furies

Destroyers Conquerors Zealots

Annihilators Commanders


In 2017, it appeared that the Wraiths had returned. But it was later discovered that they were just Neopets altered by the Darkest Faerie to look like Wraiths.

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