The Book of Ages

Skeith Guard


This guard came with King Altador to investigate when the Faeries were turned to stone. He often tends to misunderstand the situation, and is known for his love of ice cream. His mother told him to go to catering college, but he decided to become a soldier.


I could help fight, but I think Altador has things under control.
I never like to fight on an empty stomach.
This is the most excitement I've had all year!
Wow, Jazan sure can be a vicious fighter! I'm glad he's on our side.
Why couldn't I have gone to culinary school like my mother said I should?
Does anyone else feel cold? I should have brought my coat.
I'll guard Hanso. Got to make sure that clever thief doesn't escape!
Every time I look at one of those wraiths, I see my life pass before my eyes. Hey, there's the time I ate fifty doughnuts on a dare!
I'll go back to the battle, just as soon as I find my contact lense.
Why spooky wraiths? Couldn't we get attacked by some fluffy Babaas?
Did someone say ice cream?
I'd love to help fight, but I have to stand here and tell you where to go.
Oh, how I wish Altador were here!
I wish someone would just make these horrible monsters go away! What did we ever do to them?
Everything's gone pear-shaped!
If I wasn't so terrified, I'd show these monsters what's what!
I'm going to shut my eyes and think about cute little critters.
What is it with Neopia? If it's not volcanoes or Dr. Sloth attacking us, it's strange shadow monsters...
What do you suppose they want?
What are these hideous things doing in nice, pretty Brightvale? Although I suppose Brightvale ain't been all that nice or pretty, lately...
Hey, is that Hanso? I could swear Captain Brynn locked him up in a cell...
It's like something out of a nightmare!
This is the oddest thing I've seen since breakfast.
D'you think that if we offer them some pie, they might leave?

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This guard has a counterpart in the Brightvale Army:

Brightvale Skeith Guard

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