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This giant monster was originally defeated by the Altador council and banished away to the Bogshot swamps. Some thousand years later, the magic of the Darkest Faerie brought him back to life, and he prevented access to the Bogberries needed to cure the Squamata plague. Tor and Roberta eventually defeated him. Though this seemingly killed him, he seemingly can be summoned again via a small green statue made in his likeness.


Shall we begin?
I hope that mud tasted good...
Many creatures have entered my lair but none quite like you.
Now I have heard of you... You will not win again.
Everything turns dark before it becomes light.
Soon you will lose your mind from fear.
Look into my eyes and relax...
Soon you will rest in the catacombs of Meridell...
Run if you must, but you will never escape me.
Watch out, there are things even more fierce in this land...
Breathe deeply and sleep the eternal sleep.
You were wrong to come here...

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Kastraliss is the fourteenth opponent in the Defenders of Neopia Series 1.

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