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Have you ever had one of your pets break their toys, and wonder how you were suppose to fix it? Well that's what Donny is here for! Just visit his little shop on Terror Mountain and pay him a few neopoints, he'll probably be able to patch up your broken items.


Do you want to fight me?
Your Battledome attacks can't break me!
Are your battledome weapons broken they don't seem very effective.
When you're gone I get to keep all of your toys!
Did you want your toys fixed?
You should let me take a look at those weapons, they seem to be broken or something.
You will be beyond even my repair skills after this!
Well, even I won't be able to put you back together after this!
I have a mote with your name on it.
Mercy? Sorry, I can't heeeeaaar yooooooouu!
I'm going to knock you out!
You will fall much like the snow around us.
Awww... did I break your toy? I know a good repair Bori!
One battle with me and I will leave you in disrepair!
I've seen broken toys that are more effective than your battledome equipment.
You look terrible...
Oh, did I break you? Maybe I can fix you later.
Hrmmm... you seem to have beaten me!
A little more practice might be what you need!

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