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September 30, 2009

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Kauvara is the current owner of the Neopian Magic Shop, a shop that has been passed down her family for generations of Kaus. She didn't want to be a shopkeeper at first, Kauvara dreamed of becoming a magician. But when the last owner disappeared (it was rumored he was selling fake magical items!) she had to take over the shop as tradition called for it. It may not have been such a terrible turn of events though, as now Kauvara is one of the best potion masters in Neopia! Her younger sister, Allita, sometimes does odd-jobs for her when Kauvara cannot get away from the shop.


Shall we start?
Invest in some of my potions and you will do better next time!!!
He he.. this is fun, beats stacking potions any day!
Hurry up...I have potions to mix you know...
Say! That wasn't very nice now was it!
Why you cheeky little monkey!
He he.. serves you right for buying inferior potions..
Thats for not getting me the Krakuberry juice I asked for!
You know you should really invest in some of my Ubikiberry Elixirs, looks like you could do with one right now :)
Here's a little something I learnt at the Faerie Academy...
You know I have a wide selection of Morphing Potions on sale at the moment!
Did you just call me a grumpy old Kau?
Hit a girl would you?...I'll show you what for!
Pah! You don't seriously think you can beat me do you?
Aww I let you win that one, wanna fight again?
Stand still so I can get a good shot at you!
He he.. that tickled.. you know you'll have to try harder than that!
If you were a regular in my shop, I would be easier on you!
Hmmpf... you know that wasn't very nice!
Watch it! Anymore of that and I'll have to use my special potion on you!
Oh dear! Please hurry, there's quite a few Kadoaties stuck up a tree outside my shop. I've been working with the Warf Rescue Team to help get them out, but I must return to my shop. If you help out considerably, I'll give you this potion.

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The shopkeeper of the Magic Shop was originally a starry Wocky, but got changed to a Kau during an art update. Her Battledome quotes imply that she studied magic in Faerieland.

Kauvara has a level 13 Cobrall called Viper, which she uses in Petpet Battles.

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