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Chia Thief


This thief is one of the few people to successfully escape the Snowager's Cave with some loot - unfortunately, the Snowager wasn't very happy about that, and chased him all the way down Terror Mountain. To make matters even worse, the thief's bag had a hole in it!


Hey there! Come to steal from the Snowager, eh? Stand back and watch an expert! How good am I? Well, Carassa says -- I mean, a close friend of mine who shall remain nameless says I'm the fastest Chia ever to steal from the Snowager and survive!
Oh man, that Snowager is one cold fellow! He doesn't roll out the welcome mat for anybody! I just wanted to borrow a few things, you know, in a neighbourly fashion. So much for that idea.
You want to get your loot back? Well catch me if you can...

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A Better Than You implied that the thief may in fact have been Mika.

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