The Book of Ages

Armourer Inga


Inga is an armourer in Meridell town, and is very busy - so much so that interruptions do not go down well. She makes most of the armour for the Meridell knights. When cursed by the Darkest Faerie, she started to think that she was a slave to the army's forge, to the point where she began to consider making armour for the Darkest Faerie's minions instead.


Argh! A million interruptions! Make it quick -- what do you need?
You thinking of becoming an armourer, little one? You need to muscle your hammer arm!
I love the look of metal when it glows.
The forge is a good place for Inga to grow a strong body!
You're here to be fitting for some armour, yes?
You grow up, Igna make you some armour, all right?
The armour your knight has -- I made that.
Inga is the best armourer around.
I got the best armour in the kingdom! Come here and tell Inga what you need!
You want some dents taken out of that armour?
I wish I could see gilded plate. They used to make it for the bravest knights.
That last suit of gilded plate was supposed to be in a Treasure Vault. I'll never see it.
They're all going to pay. And so will you.
Happy! I'm supposed to be happy! That's what they want -- happy slave to my fire.
Think they can keep me in here, do they? Making armour for the army, slave to the fire! I'll show them. I will.
Day in, day out, nothing to do but make armour for the army.
You think this work is for everyone? You have to pay for skill like this!
I'll make dark knights of my own!
Think those flying things want armour?
Oh yes, I will give every dark thing armour and they will love me...

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