The Book of Ages

Squire Grayson


Grayson was a young Squire who joined the Meridell millitary at the same time as Tormund. He was very dedicated, getting up at dawn to practice. Unfortunately, this often resulted in him being given clog duty. He is the son of Lord Ulaf, a Market Town noble. He is also the nephew of Hank, a Bogshot local.


You're a squire, too? So there's two new squires in the castle! You and me! My name's Grayson. Good to meet you!
I'm sure I'll see you around.
So, where are you from?
Oh! Do you know my uncle Hank? He lives in Bogshot.
I don't know. It's out in the country somewhere.
My dad is Lord Ulaf. He's from Market Town.
Oh, he is. He sent me here to make something of myself.
Good morning, Tor! Time to report to Master Torak for your training! He's out in the training yard in the Castle Courtyard - right through that door over there.
You should talk to Master Torak. I'm sure he wants to talk to you.
Hey new squire! First day, right? You're going to like working with Master Torak. He's a little tough, but he'll teach you well!
I can't wait to become a knight!
I'm getting good with this sword! See? I can hear the damsels swooning right now!
You talked to Master Torak?
Oh geez... I am so dizzy...
Have you talked to Master Torak yet? I think he's with that group of knights in the back training area.
I didn't think Master Torak let squires volunteer for Mote demonstrations.
Was it... were the Motes... what were they like?
I've never even been allowed near the Motes.
Tor! Wake up! You've been called for a mission! Master Torak wants to see you right now! He's in the Main Hall.
Wow... a mission. I hope I can go on one soon.
Do you have to do a lot of prep for your mission?
I wonder what I can do to get a mission of my very own?
You... You're a... awww...
Glad to see you were promoted.
I'm going to be a knight someday, too.
None of the knights returned from Illusen's Glade yet...
Do you think something happened to the knights?
Those strange clouds are still over Illusen's...

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Given that Grayson is a Brightvale citizen, it is unknown why he became a squire in Meridell.

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