The Book of Ages

Guardsman Malcom


Malcom guards the entrance to the Meridell Castle dungeons, and often explains the process of clearing sewer clogs to new army recruits.


Hey squire! Exploring the castle, huh?
Not too much to see around here. Just me and the prisons.
We have one prisoner now. He's been down there for years now. I wonder when they'll let him out?
Oh man! you must be the Squire! They always send the new ones! Okay. Here's how it goes. Head down into the prison. The entrance is right over there. Flip the switch to open the sewer hatch to get into the drainage pipes. Just break up all of the clogs you find, and you're done. And kid? Keep an eye open for Slorgs and Tentacles, will ya? Don't worry too much. Most Squires survive...
What are you doing back here? There's still clogs down there, Squire!
You know, reporting for clog duty means actually doing clog duty. Get down to the prison and into those pipes or we've got a serious problem!
Whew! Those sewer pipes do smell! Better get down there or the whole castle will stink like that.
Hey! Welcome back, squire. Nice job with those clogs!
You know, they always get the new guys to do that clog thing.
Hate to say this but I'm glad you got clog duty and not me!
I thought I heard you were on a mission, squire?
Are you still preparing for your mission to Cogham?
You're just putting off your trip to Cogham, aren't you?
Nice job, with that Cogham thing, Sir Tormund!
Do you know why the knights haven't returned from Illusen's yet?
I've heard there are still clouds above Illusen's. What do you think's going on?
The knights of Meridell can handle anything... Right?

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