The Book of Ages



Stanley lives in the village of Cogham, and was frightened when the Ixi Raiders attacked. He was eventually abducted by them, but Tor and Roberta saved him.


Run for the hills!
So Meridell finally sent someone to help? About time!
You know they're gonna be back, right?
We're never getting rid of those crazy Ixis.
Hey, um. Go Meridell.
Wonder if Serene still has that special running.
I've got to get me another Peachpa at Elspeth's.
He's gone mad... Completely mad! The Ixi Chieftain... It's like he's become everything we've ever feared. You have to get us out -- get us all out! Or he'll roast us in the lava! Oh please... Save me and I promise to never to do bad things ever again!
That was amazing! You saved everyone!
I can't believe I was such a jerk earlier!
People from Meridell are the best!

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