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Giovanni is an explorer who was visiting the village of Cogham to explore the mines when the Ixi Raiders attacked. He was later abducted by the Raiders, and his servant Gershwin was left behind to ask others for help in rescuing him.


Some help here? I'm needing some assistance!!! Where's Gershwin? He'd know what to do!
Well, well, well! Good job on those raiders! Too bad, they will return.
You see, anthropomorphically speaking, these raiders medialize their attention around a center icon.
The Ixis follow their leader.
I am a recognized explorer. My information is rarely wrong.
I declare this site clear of raider infestation!
On my professional reputation, the raiders will never reappear.
And now to explore the mines of Cogham.
Free at last! About time, dear youth. I've still got caves to explore. Why this was no more dangerous than the tunnels of Vanith Tou and that was when Gershwin was missing! Come to think of it, where is that Techo? Gershwin? Gershwin?!
Ah good. You're here. I need to ask you a favor. I need a new lodestone for my compass. I sent my servant Gershwin after one, but he hasn't returned. There's lodestones near Drackon Ridge caves. Can you get one for me?
Have you found that lodestone, yet?
Where is that loutish Gershwin anyway?
It's always difficult to find a good servant.
Excellent! A nicely shaped piece, don't you think so, Gershwin? Gershwin? Oh dear. He's still lost? How annoyed. You didn't happen to see him, did you?
Excellent! That's a perfectly shaped piece of lodestone. I'll send Gershwin to get it repaired right away! Here's a token for your troubles. I think there is a compass repair shop somewhere in the Werelupe Woods... I'm sure Gershwin will get there in no time!
Thank you for retrieving my compass. It is invaluable for the work that I am doing.
Oh, and thank you for returning my loyal porter Gershwin, too.
Now it's off to adventure!

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Together, Giovanni and Gershwin have also explored the Castle of Eliv Thade and a place called Vanith Tou (where Giovanni lost Gershwin).

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