The Book of Ages



Brennan is the blacksmith of Cogham village, though he was worried that the Ixi Raiders would take his stock.


At least I can open my shop again. What can I do for you noble Lupe?
To think the raiders have hurt our town for so long! But the call of the forge is stronger than their influence.
All that's needed is for someone to stand up to their chief and those Ixis will flee.
Once the raiders are gone, we'll get the mine back and things will get better.
Welcome to Brennan's Smithy!
The finest metals come from this mine and the finest items I can craft for you.
I've got the will and the strength to craft what you need.
It's good to be back at the forge again!
I should have known it would be you who'd set us free! I don't know if the others realize how bad this is. The Ixi Chieftain has gone completely insane. He has to be stopped. He has powers now... Powers like I've never seen before. Even his own people are scared of him! Please, stop him before this madness destroys us all!
It's the hero of the day!
Ah good! A person with needs to relieve the hot tedium of the forge!
I'm here to craft and I have what you need.
Take a look around! You might find something you like.

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