The Book of Ages

Mayor Jurgin


Mayor Jurgin manages the village of Cogham, and sent a request for help to Meridell Castle when the village was attacked by Ixi Raiders. His cousin, Bermund, lives in Meridell town. When the Darkest Faerie returned, he was abducted by the Raiders, but Tor and Roberta saved him. In the process, his pocketwatch was broken, but Tor got it fixed as well.


Well met, squire! Where's the knight you serve?
Then when is he coming?
What?! What was Meridell thinking? We're only getting a squire?!
Only back to their camp! They'll keep coming back until their leader is gone or we are!
Amazing! I can't believe you beat him! Listen, we can't do much but I will make sure the king hears about your bravery. You have the heart of a knight! Here good sir, a red negg to commemorate your victory.
A true hero has come to Cogham!
I hope there are more like you in Meridell.
The raiders seem to have been driven off!
The Ixi Chieftain. He's evolved... changed. There's some sort of horrible power coursing through him now. We thought its been bad before but it's been nothing like this. Without your help, we'd be dead. Thank you for your help!
You've done more for our village than we can ever repay. For this, we present you with our greatest treasure -- the cloak of heroes. Good luck, my friends! You still have to get through that terrible cloud surrounding Meridell. May your travels lead you to safety!
In all that fuss, my watch was broken. I know you're busy, but in your travels, could you see this gets repaired?
Ah! I think you may need to find a crystal for this watch...
My pocketwatch! It's beautiful! And it works again! Now I won't be late to any more meetings! Thank you so much for your help! Take this! It's always given me luck!
Thank you so much for the watch!
It's been a blessing ever since you came here.
You'll always be welcome in Cogham!

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