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Douglas was sent to Drackon Ridge to get the Drackonack infestation under control. He offered to pay passing adventurers for helping him out with the problem. He once ordered a new spyglass from the Market Town Trader's Guild.


Yer a bit far out, aren't you? All the good huntin' is to the south.
Me? I've been sent to keep the drackonack population in check. Big brutes been rampaging through here for a while now.
Tell you what. Help me hunt 'em and I'll give you a share of the bounty.
Been a busy drackonack season.
You figure on hunting some of those drackonacks?
Gonna need some help with them drackonacks.
Nice job! So you're taking teeth for the bounty. That works. Hand 'em over and I'll give you some Neopoints for those. Say, 100 NP per tooth? That's a good start, that is. There's still too many of the critters but you did make a small dent.
Alright, you've done enough. You should stop hunting the drackonacks now. Tell you what. To be nice, I'll pay you half for those. 50 NP per tooth. Enough now. I reckon that there's about as many drackonacks out there as there should be.
Always nice to see a fella out this far.
As good as new! Thank you...

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Douglas paid 100 Neopoints per Drackonack tooth.

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