The Book of Ages

Sir Cadmere


Sir Cadmere was one of the Meridell knights sent to help out Illusen, but he was captured by the Werelupe King. Tormund eventually managed to free him. He is in love with Lady Prunella, and Tor can help him win her love over Sir Lawrence. He is very poetic.


Good day, squire. Have you noticed Lady Prunella and how radiant she is today?
Every day the sun graces Lady Prunella's face, I am a happy man.
Would that I could take the chance to court the Lady Prunella...
Perhaps you should pay more attention to the demonstration.
Well done. A very pleasant demonstration.
These Crokabeks are quite loud! It interrupts the poetry I'm writing for Prunella.
How can I desgin sonnets when that infernal squawking is filling the air?
The song of her hair... The sound of her eyes... Would someone please do something about those Crokabeks?
Have you heard? The one I love, Prunella, has set up a test! The first to find her charm wins her heart! But I'm on duty! Now that villainous Lawrence has a chance to wrench her from me! Unless... Squire, should you help me, I will be forever in your debt. Find the charm hidden inside the castle, and true love will be mine!
Ah, squire, all I need is the charm to win my fair lady's heart!
If only I had a way to beat that villainous Lawrence to my lady's charm!
Sir Lawrence must have had help! I will find that cad and I will make him pay.
Her love is gone, no more to be found on the shores of my heart.
Alas! How can I live without the light of my love!
What word on the charm, good squire?
Ah. Well... if you do happen to find it, please let me know.
Squire, tell me the news! Have you obtained my lady's charm?
You... You found it! I may never be able to repay you for my heart is forever in your debt! Allow me to give you a meager offering of thanks for your noble deed! And now I am off to court my lady!
My heart fills with the rapture of her attention!
This has to be the happiest day of my existence!
I have proven my heart is truer than that cad, Lawrence.
Quickly! Break the lock with your sword!
Finally out! Get to Illusen quick, knight! There's a monster headed her way!

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The game defaults later dialogue towards Cadmere even if the player selects Lawrence as Prunella's suitor, suggesting that Cadmere may be the canon choice.

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