The Book of Ages



Howell was a painter who was painting a picture of Faerieland's castle. The finishing touch he needed was some Faerie Dust to turn the Hidden Tower invisible, which Roberta found for him.


Well hello, my dear girl! Such a lovely day for painting, is it not? I wonder, my dear girl, if you could be of assistance? I just require just one last touch to make this painting come to life -- just a little sprinkle of Faerie Dust. Here! Take this bottle. If you happen to come across any Faeries in your travels... All I need is a little faerie dust for my painting. You can keep whatever is left!
Faerie dust is very magical stuff. Mixing it into my paints the only way I can get them to magically animate.
To collect some faerie dust, you will have to find some tiny faeries. Tiny faeries leave behind a cloud of faerie dust when they flitter about. Once you see the sparkles in the air, just wave the bottle around to catch some!
I think I saw some faerie in the East Garden. That would be a marvellous place to start looking.
Thank you, my dear girl. That's absolutely perfect! There...
Not entirely, dear girl. The faerie dust has just made it invisible. The perfect touch on a Hidden Tower, no?
Meowclops are quite magical things, really. It is said that they can even see the invisible. With a Meowclops as your pet, you can discover many hidden things...
Thank you again, my dear girl! Please keep the rest of the Faerie Dust for your own paintings!
Hm. I wonder if some mauve would help. Let's see... I think I'll use the Kau-hair brush for this one.
No! It's all wrong! Wait... oh. That fixed it.

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