The Book of Ages

Guardsman Darol


Darol is one of the two guards on the gates of Meridell castle. He was a witness when Master Torak arrested Tark. He has family in Cogham.


Need something, kid?
Oho! Tragic that! Master Torak was chasing a thief who stole some money from the Wheel of Chance. He chases this thief all the way over to the repair scaffolding on that building around the corner. That's when it happened. Master Torak's sword hit the wall at just the wrong angle and shattered! Master Torak looked stricken, like he'd just lost someone he loved! He dropped the hilt and tackled the thief, wrestling him to the street! He's a pretty rough-and-tumble sort of guy! Then he dragged the thief off to jail in the Recruitment Centre. The truth is, I pity that poor thief. When Master Torak gets done grieving for that sword, that thief's in for a world of hurt!
You know, I never did see what happened to that sword hilt after that thief landed on top of it...
Conely over there -- he was the one who dragged that thief off to jail. I'm sure he can add something if you want to know more.
Hey kid, you've just missed all the excitement! There was a big fight just around the corner and this sword shattered after hitting a wall... Well... I didn't get a very good look at it. But Conely over there did! Hey Conely! Tell this kid about the fight!
Sorry friend -- only royals and military allowed inside the castle without permission.
Unless I see a crest of Meridell somewhere on you, you're not getting inside the castle...
Hey squire! Who's your sponsor?
You've got Master Torak as your sponsor?
I wonder if the Juppies will bloom this year.
Good luck, 'scullery maid'.
Hope my mates at Cogham are alright.
Long day just standing here.
Can't wait for this shift to be over.
Way to go Arena Champion!
That last fight in the Arena was one to watch!
Can't believe you beat that Werelupe in the Arena! That was awesome!
We just wanted you to know, good job in Cogham!
I got me relatives at Cogham.

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