The Book of Ages

Jelly Keeper


A Wocky made entirely of red jelly who yells a lot around the Giant Jelly. He reminds you if you've already taken your helping for the day or informs you if the Jelly's been completely eaten.


The Giant Jelly has been eaten!
Remember... only one helping per day!
Nobody wobbles better than I do. I am a champion of wobbling. Wobbling is my hobby and my way of life. Also, you may have noticed, I am a Wocky. But am I wicked? *strokes chin* Well, ask yourself this: if I am here, where is Wallace? Mwahahaha!
You There! Are you sure this isn't your second visit today? I don't care what day it is! Oh you're not here for the jelly? I do have something for you then. Here you go, but you get only one of these too! Don't come back, I'll be watching for you!

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