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Gamon runs the Shoppe of Curious Wonders in Meridell town. He is jealous of Angus, the owner of the Apothecary, and aims to produce potions of his own. However, he is very lazy, and often falls asleep. While cursed by the Darkest Faerie, he became worried that he would be eaten by Draiks the moment he fell asleep.


What? Hey, you don't disturb someone's sleep. So look around and... yeah.
Oh, hey. You seem like a motivated Lupe. Think you could help me out? Look, there's this Grarrl, Angus. He thinks he's hot with the potions just cause he's got an apothecary shop. Well, I'm gonna teach him a thing or two! I have all the ingredients for brewing a special batch of Spyder Juice Elixirs. I just need a few small items to complete the potions... If you can get me the venom from five Spyders, I can brew the potion. If you help, I'll give you the first bottle for free! So what do you think? Deal then! I'll wait here for you to bring me back a few vials of venom!
You check out Drakon Ridge yet? Think I saw some poisonous Spyders there...
Yeah, I'm thinking about five vials is enough. Then it's Spyder Juice time!
No luck yet? Bummer.
Oh... You got them. Thanks.
Hey. Nice. Now I'll show that Angus what's what. Now that I can whip up some more, you can take this free sample of Gamon's special Spyder Juice. And have a little change on the side.
Welcome to Gamon's Curios and... oh, just go ahead and look around.
I've got some interesting things on the shelves. New stock. Have fun looking.
... snore...
Hey. Customer. Yeah. Find something. Wake me up later.
Hey. Have a look. Need something? Just call.
Yeah. Nothing like a good nap to make a day complete.
Go look around. Prices are plainly marked.
You see Illusen's Glade? Wonder what she's using to make those clouds...
Can't sleep... Draiks will eat me...
Don't talk to me! If you don't talk to me, maybe they'll go away!
Is it safe? Is it safe?!
You're not with them, are you?
Why won't they all just go away.
Why won't they let me sleep?!
I just want to close my eyes... Just a little!
They're driving me crazy!

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