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Angus runs the Apothecary in Meridell town. In order to complete his master potion, he needed Arbendus petals from Shadowglen Woods. He often gets some of the poorer residents of Meridell town to run errands for him. When cursed by the Darkest Faerie, he became obssessed with making dangerous potions and handing them out for free to cause maximum chaos.


Well... you look like a fine strapping lad. Good, good, and wonderful... Perhaps you would like to earn a few Neopoints on the side?
I require a flower -- a rarely seen specimen called the Arbendus. I require its petals to complete my master potion! I'm terribly sorry, awfully sad, that I don't have time to get it myself... The only known specimens grow wild in the Shadowglen Woods, and I rarely have time to go there alone. So, fetch the flower, return to to me, and collect your reward? Do we have a deal? Good then.
Did you find time to search Shadowglen for the flower?
You can recognize the Arbendus by its four-petalled flower on its long green stalk.
I do hope you find Arbendus soon! I can't complete my master potion without it!
Excellent! Wonderful, wonderful and perfect! This Arbendus Flower will complete my master potion! Thank you so very much! Ah -- and there's the payment. Thank you for your trouble.
I'm sorry. I don't have enough customers to take on an apprentice.
I'm not in a position to offer anyone a job.
You again?
The prices might be a bit steep but its what a poor owner must charge to make an honest living.
What would you like to see?
I'm sure you'll find what you need here.
Poison for a friend? Potion to make a loved one your slave? Or something worse...
Come -- the prices are steep but that's what you will pay, if you want the best.
I am the best. Poison, dissension, mayhem... When I make my new potions no one will ever look down on me again!
So much to do. Yes, yes, yes. Alchemy to bottle. Concoctions in a bottle! Better sell things quick...
Need ingredients. Special ingredients. Something to do with bones, I think. And mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms.
I've got them all, all the nastiest potions, I'm sure... Or I could make them. Yes... I think I'll just make some and hand them out!

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