The Book of Ages



An ancient eyrie mummy who was accidentally awakened by an archeologist. Eyrieki then proceeded to wreak general havoc around Sakhmet until Lightning Lenny came to defeat him.


Salem batara hamsah!
Eyrieki gives you a threatening look...
You get a sudden chill...
Eyrieki glances at you and hovers above the ground.
Eyrieki circles you waiting for you to show weakness.
Eyrieki glares at you.
Foolish mortal, you have disturbed my slumber... Er, wait, I suppose you'd have to actually visit me to do that, wouldn't you? How does one start letters nowadays? I feel so old fashioned. Anyway, I was taking a late night stroll around my tomb, as one does to keep the old limbs limber, when a pack of thieves ran in and seized my bag of sand. No one touches my bag of sand. They made me swear not to tell anyone what I saw. But I can tell you what I didn't see! Ha, take that, thieves! Sincerely, Eyrieki the Eldritch

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Eyrieki is the second opponent in the Defenders of Neopia Series 2.

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