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Elspeth owns the Peachpa Hut shop in Cogham village, selling different types of fruit and vegetables. She uses strange growth pods she finds in the mountains to produce fertile ground. She was one of the villagers abducted by the Ixi Raiders during the Darkest Faerie's curse, but was rescued by Tor and Roberta.


Welcome to our little shop.
If it wasn't for these raiders, things would be much better.
I know we don't have much. I'm sorry.
I hope you'll be satisfied with what you find.
I fear I must apologize... We're a poor village and don't have much.
Most plants don't grow in the rocky soil around here. Want to know my secret? I use these strange pods in these wild plants. They make plants grow! If you can find me one of these Growth Pods, I'll give you something in return!
You've found a Growth Pod! How wonderful! Thank you so much! Here's your reward!
I know we're small but I'm sure you'll find what you need.
Can I help you find something?
The fruit is local, organic, and self-sustainable. We grow it ourselves.
Thank you so very much! I'm sure they'll come after us. They want us destroyed but not quickly. I think they were planning on roasting us! You've got to make sure everyone gets out!
Good day to you! I see you've decided to come to the finest food shop in Cogham.
May I entice you with a peachpa, sir?
Peachpas are our specialty, you know...
I think these are the finest peachpas in all Meridell!

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