The Book of Ages



Serene runs the Treasures and Trinkets shop in Cogham village. She finds the constant attacks from Ixi Raiders quite boring. She was eventually abducted by them, but Tor and Roberta rescued her.


Ah! A new one in town. You might be just what we need to clear up the tedium of our lives.
I think you'll be surprised at the things you could find in this shop!
Take a look around, friend, and tell me what you think.
You like anything?
They say a fool and her things are soon parted. I'm telling you my friend, it's true and that fool is me.
It's me that's the fool for parting with such fine stuff for such low prices.
It's truth. I tell you. Fine things, low prices.
See anything you like?
We've got everything unusual you might want to own in these parts.
What do you think? These should fetch a pretty penny, yes?
I only try to supply the best.
You like anything you see?

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