The Book of Ages



Vorsh is a ghost who has been employed by Queen Fyora to be the shopkeeper for the Hidden Tower. He rarely gets customers.


A customer? Well, well. Come inside. You are welcome here. It's been... a long time since I've entertained a new customer.
Well, yes, but that hasn't stopped me from providing excellent service! If you look around, you'll find that I've gathered some of the most precious items in the world. They're all for sale. Browse at your leisure. After all, I've got all the time in the world.
I've always held that selling the right mix of items would bring some life to this place.
What do you think? See anything that might bring some zest into your life?
Ah! A couple of heroes have graced my door! It's good to see... It's good to see some heroes in these parts again.
Ah, a flickering flame of life passes me by. Could it be a customer back for another round of shopping?
Don't worry overly much about the goings-on outside. After all, these little apocalypses do happen occasionally.
Please, feel free to look at everything you want to -- after all, I'm not going anywhere fast.

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