The Book of Ages

Lord Cedrick


Cedrick is a Brightvale Lord, and a close friend of King Hagan.


Lady Roberta, dear, tell your uncle he must invite us to dinner, soon.
Such a strange set of affairs, these clouds and all...
Well, I hope this affair doesn't interfere with my wintering schedule...
Regardless of what others say, I think the Chokato drink was quite good last night.
I'm not interesting in hearing more about the clouds.
This is exactly why we have knights. To deal with situations like these.
What should I have the chefs make tonight.
These times are rather wearing.
I wonder if someone is doing something about Meridell.
I wonder if the philosophy discourses will still be done this summer.
I don't know how Prince Tourin proved his 'worth' to Dona but it certainly seems he has.
Prince Tourin's success leads me to wonder if he had help.
Well, at least Princess Dona is happy.

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