The Book of Ages



Lore is the Brightvale castle librarian, and gets quite annoyed when people move the bookshelves.


Welcome to the grand library of Brightvale! How may I be of assistance?
Purple clouds? Are you referring to portable clouds? That's battle magic. If you like, I could request some texts from Faerieland. They have a fine selection of battle magic texts.
Hm. I seem to recall a book on something similar in the rare book stacks. We moved the books up to the second floor pedestals after the incident with the sneezing Scorchio... I'm sorry. It will be difficult to reach them. The house staff recently removed the ladders for cleaning. It's actually quite a mess.
Come to think of it, you could probably find some interesting leads in ancient legends. I seem to recall an old piece of art with a Faerie overcoming a city with some sort of cloud. Ah! I think it was originally in one of the Queen Fyora memoirs in the rare book stacks!
Queen Fyora had some sort of weapon she used against dark forces. I want to think it was given away in some sort of ceremony. Perhaps Meridell history will provide a clue? I'm sure there's something about Meridell in the rare book stacks.
Ah. I see you had to move a bookcase to get to the second level.
I suppose a little rearranging isn't bad.
I hope you're finding everything you need.
What are you doing?
You just put the section on 'Faerie Secrets' over next to the 'Last Kau' series.
You have no sense of organization!
Would you like to explain why you are reorganizing my entire library?
If it wasn't for the good of the kingdom, I'd call in the guard.
There goes my precious sorting system!
If it wasn't for the good of the kingdom, I would be annoyed at your actions.
I run a well-oiled library. Disruptions are not tollerated.
You may go now. Return when the library is cleaned up.
Ugh! What a trying time! Those invaders made my library a mess.
To think, it was all because of Sir Kaherdin! I never should have loaned out those books on his heritage.
I hope I never have to go through that madness again!

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