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Fautt runs the Bogshot Apothecary, and was responsible for making the cure to the Squamata plague after Tormund got him the three colours of Bogberries he needed. He also later cured Hank of toxic tuber poisoning.


Don't tell me. More sick people! Ugh!
This is a disaster! A complete and total disaster! Leave as quickly as you can! Everyone here has the Squamata plague. I can't even muster enough healthy people to harvest the antidote!
These swamps are terribly dangerous for those not born here.
If it works, the entire village of Bogshot will be in your debt. I need three types of Bogberries: white, red and the rare black. With all three, I can create the cure.
Thank you! I fear the sickness had a hold on us all! But with this I can brew what I need to help us all.
The cure worked just fine but it looks like poor Hank here tried to 'cure' himself with toxic tubers before I got to him. I need poison pods from the plants up on the plateau to make an antidote. Could you get them for me? Four pods should do the trick.
Haven't found the poison pods yet? They're up on the steppe plataeu nearby.
I hope you find them soon. Hank's not doing well.
I'm not sure how much longer Hank's going to last.
Did you find any of the poison pods to help Hank?
Good! This should do the trick! Just let me mix up the antidote for poor Hank here... Oh! And here's something for your trouble.
Well, there's fewer patients today. That makes me happy.
Thank you for getting the cure for Hank. I've warned him to stop experimenting with tubers.
Have you ever thought of taking up the apothecary trade?
That plague business was certainly a chore, wasn't it? Now, what can I get you heroes?

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