The Book of Ages



Finn is a young boy living in Bogshot village. He was a victim of the Squamata plague, but was eventually cured. When Haplo disappeared, he was very worried.


I'm so cold... So cold...
I'm itching all over!
I'm tired of being ill.
Haplo's hiding again and I can't find him! He said he was heading into the swamps, but lots of bad things are happening there now! What if he's in trouble?!
Haven't found Haplo yet? How are we gonna race without him?
He said he was headed into the swamps to look for Sludgies or somethin'.
Or maybe Haplo was looking for a Mortog... or somethin'.
Haplo's back so he's going to run the races again!
I think Haplo's got a secret place in the swamp to find the best Mortogs for the races.
I'm breeding my own Mortogs. They're gonna be the best!

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