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Grimnar is a blacksmith living in Bogshot village, who was very glad to be rid of the Squamata plague. He is capable of forging the Kreludan Blade, a powerful sword, and has a key to a mine in Drakon Ridge where Kreludite was once mined.


Gagh! I can't even muster the strength to get this hammer up.
Look, you need something, come back when folks are healthy.
Ah! My aching joints. I'm not swinging any hammers until I get better.
... Bleh... I feel awful...
I hear you're the ones responsible for helping out with the cure. Many thanks. I feel fit as a fire.
I was thinking of making you folks a proposition. I got this mine key -- it unlocks the old mine in the Drackonack Hills. In it, there's a chunk of Kreludor metal still left over. On account of you saving the village, I'm willing to do some forging if you're up to doing the finding. You could be the proud owners of a Kreludan Blade. What do you think? You up for it?
Still looking for the mine? I can't remember where the mine is exactly. I just remember they had lots of troubles with Drackonacks getting into the place.
Hey, did you know Kreludor glows? They say it fell from the sky, glowing like a star.
Forgot to tell you, they closed the mine down a while ago on account that something was affecting the miners...
Welcome back!
That's it! I'd recognize that glow anywhere! I'll work on it immediately.
Hm. Sigh. Yawn. Sigh. Is that it? It is! A true Kreludan Blade! For saving my home...
How's the sword working out for you?
Ah, Kreludor ore. That brings back memories.
I'd wager that sword is good as one the ancients used to make!

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While in game dialogue refers to the mined substance as 'Kreludor', this is likely meant to say 'Kreludite', as this is the substance that comes from the moon.

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